Environmental Policy

As a family run business we take our environmental issues seriously. We continuously look at various ways and means to reduce our impact on the environmental and reduce our carbon footprint.

The way we manage our contract can have significant impact on the environment. Some examples of this would be:

  • To employ operatives in the close vicinity of the contract, thereby reducing the travel and carbon emissions.
  • Insuring operatives turn off lights in each office once their work is complete.
  • Operatives are instructed on how to use materials efficiently without reducing quality or standards.

Every contact needs a vacuum. We only use energy efficient Numantic Henry Hoovers. These vacuums offer energy conservation of 50%, energy savings of 30% and improved air quality of 20%. It also has a lower noise level than most vacuums.

These measures are straightforward and simple to implement and don’t cost the earth.

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